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Self security check

What is the security awareness level?
1 I am doing update for security related software regularly.
2 Within last 1 month, I have installed Windows security patches.
3 Within last 1 month, I have heard about various security related news bacause of Virut, Phishing, and etc.
4 I set spam blocking function up for my email account.
5 I always check the source of the downloaded programs from Internet.
6 I always scan the suspicious file by Anti-Virus program before downloading it from messenger, BBS, or etc.
7 I enroll in trust verified websites only.
8 If a received email is suspicious, I always delete it without opening unconditionally.
9 I always backup my system and various datas in case of an accident.
10 I visit Anti-Virus website regularly to get the latest security information and download the essential programs.
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