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ViRobot APT Shield 2.0

  • ViRobot APT Shield 2.0

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ViRobot APT Shield 2.0 is the revolutionary solution that blocks exploits in advance. Recently, APT attacks and Drive-by download attacks using application vulnerabilities are spread out around the world, and confidential business information has been leaked to the outside by the attacks. ViRobot APT Shield 2.0 blocks attacks of application(Web browser, Web browser plug-in(Java, Flash), Document editors/Viewers, Media players, Messengers, Utilities, ...)vulnerabilities in advance.

By HAURI's unique behavior-based technology, this product can block Known attacks that use application vulnerabilities, and it also can block Zero-day attacks. Therefore, this product can protect valuable information for companies safely from the attacks.

Existing anti-virus products need to update patterns, but this product has no pattern update, and it can be simply installed and used vs. network equipment based solutions. It's compatible with anti-malware products, and it's light and fast because it has just essential features. 

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1. Response to variety attacks of application vulnerabilities.

It blocks attacks that use vulnerabilities in advance for applications such as document programs(MS Office, Adobe Reader, ...), Web brewers(IE, Firefox, Chrome, ...), Media players, Messengers, Compression software, and etc.

2. Blocking vulnerabilities due to the end of Windows XP support.
It prevents attacks that use vulnerabilities in advance for Windows which cannot be applied security patches.

3. Complementing in accordance with the limits of Signature-based anti-virus.
By behavior-based technology, it blocks creation and execution of malicious code that exploits vulnerabilities, and it also doesn't need pattern update.

4. Blocking the acceleration of document leak for many unspecified targets.
Recently, malicious code is using social engineering to exfiltrate important document from companies, but this product blocks it completely.

5. Handling systems which are difficult to update Windows security patches.
It's a very light product, because it requires only minimal resources of Hardware. It's suitable for various environments which are difficult to update Windows security patches in enterprise.
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