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ViRobot Internet Security 2011

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Smart choice for personal security – ViRobot Internet Security 2011

Since the malicious codes have increased from 2005, the size of anti-virus program that was using the pattern matching way became bigger and it is hard to follow the speed and number of the malicious code.

VIRS 2011 has the S3 engine which HAURI developed with own technique to respond effectively to security environment and has Bit Defender engine as the dual engine to improve the detection but reduce the resource using. Besides, the upgraded Heuristic engine and HAURI Stealth Finder technique monitor the kernel driver by original way and can detects and repair hidden process and Rootkit file.

VRIS 2011 dose not have only Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, but also Smart firewall to prevent effectively the infection, File wipe function to protect the important file from the leakage and PC control function to protect the children. The major function of VRIS 2011, Smart firewall, blocks phishing site, prevents Zombie PC using DNS sync hole, detects the unknown malicious code downloading from hacked website and dose other intelligent functions.
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